As an intuitive therapist with more than 14 years experience in therapeutic massage and body work I have learned that many people are looking for deep relaxation and touch, for a place of stillness & listening, and for clarifying and resolving stress & tension (which may just get in the way of deep relaxation).

Optimising your health and well-being is my primary concern and focus here at Tarakasha Therapies, using gentle and efficient techniques to unwind, strengthen and balance your body and nerve system. My clinic’s success is build on helping people like you with conditions such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, anxiety, low mood, IBS and fatigue, to name but a few.

My clients are also made up from those interested in prevention and wellness; they report more vitality and energy, reduced stress and less fatigue, more flexibility, better sleep and emotional well-being… which are the things wellness is about.

From pain relief to wellness, experience the difference my therapies can make for you!

At Tarakasha Therapies treatments have *no fixed price.* – I gift you with an excellent treatment – you gift me with a fair price after receiving your treatment. Fake Nails made with UV Gel. Inspired by a book, ‘Sacred Economy’ by Charles Eisenstein, I offer my therapy session as a gift. And you will consider what the finished session is worth to you and choose something fair to gift back to me. It is a business relationship build on trust and value. It does not mean that I work for free, or that I give my work away without care. For more information and a suggested price for each therapy please visit  my “bookings” page.

Available Therapies at Tarakasha Clinic in Edinburgh:

Hypnotherapy, NLP/EFT and Life Coaching tangled 2
‘Neurolinguistic Programming’ (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are used to treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety, phobias, stress, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue (M.E.) and IBS. The techniques I use in my one-on-one Coaching sessions help people identify and achieve what they want in their lives, move forward in areas where they feel ‘stuck’, and understand their thought patterns and how to change them. Clients describe the sessions as powerful, rewarding and life changing experiences.


Nicole performing Shiatsu on a client.
Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese Massage Therapy based on the same ancient wisdom of energy healing as Acupuncture. It is a deeply effective  full body massage and with its strengthening and balancing effect it is equally recommended for clients dealing with emotional and mental stress or acute and chronic pain or fatigue. Shiatsu is practiced fully clothed on a futon at floor level and can be as gentle or as deep as required.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 481920_waikiki_beach_sunset
combines the best of Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork in a unique and profound healing massage. Lomi Lomi works with gentle and dynamic flowing strokes, of both vibrant and relaxing intensity, into the muscles, completely nurturing the body and soul – enabling the recipient to relax and simply be.


Hot Stone Massage is a deep therapeutic massage, with the warmth of the stones allowing deeper treatment of muscles. The massage is firm but extremely relaxing, using comfortably hot stones and calming essential oils to work away all your knots. Be prepared for an amazing experience!

Shiatsu & Hot Stone Fusion A wonderful combination with the warmth and luxury of Hot Stones and the effective energy-healing aspects of Shiatsu. Every treatment is tailored to your needs, leaving you glowing for a long time after.


Swedish / Holistic Massage DSC_6256_3-2One of the most popular massages available, Swedish massage uses a combination of different strokes to help reduce muscular pain, ease joint stiffness, counter stress as well as improve circulation while calming your mind, body, and spirit. Using warm massage oils, aroma oils and a wide combination of techniques and movements each session will be individually tailored to your needs. My Holistic Massage session include petrissage, tapotement, vibration, effleurage, holding, acupressure, meridian & lymphatic work and energy work.


Triggerpoint Massage DSC_0196
Trigger Point Massage is a great way to relax specific tense muscles, and can give rapid relief from pain. I often combine this treatment with Shiatsu. Trigger points can effectively release whole muscle groups and I recommend this technique if you experience muscle spasms and painful muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, have recurrent headaches, migraines, or issues such as twitching eye-lids.


To book your appointment today and experience a unique and effective therapy session with Nicole in Edinburgh please call Mob: 07891 365 14007891 365 140 or send an email to: tarakasha.therapies@gmail.com

Recent Posts

Nourish your body through the winter with Shiatsu massage and a kidney yin supporting diet and lifestyle

As many people are experiencing chest infections and low energy at this time of year, our kidneys are in need of good care now and during winter. Kidney energy is our main life force according to TCM and is depleted by cold. Kidneys ask us kindly to “go with the flow” and rest when needed. This is also a good time to schedule a regular Shiatsu massage to support your energy flow and make the right nutritional choices. Please find below a wonderful article on how to keep your adrenals well nourished throughout the coming winter. 

Key Foods to Build Kidney Yin Energy
By Anasuya Batliner, NC, Dipl. ABT, CST
Published in Nutrition Professionals Quarterly, 2004

“To nourish the Kidney is to become more and more connected to our own spontaneous impulses and the will to live.”
– Daverick Leggett, Recipes for Self-Healing

The key piece of nutritional wisdom is to focus on tonifying foods that moisten, along with some mildly cooling foods, and to resist a temptation to overdo cooling foods that may put out a fire that’s not as strong as it seems.

A wide and varied diet: Kidney Yin is about the deep reserves in the body including nutritional reserves. Suggest a varied diet that provides a broad array of vitamins, flavonoids, carotenes, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids. This is not the time to eat the same foods over and over again.

Water: Since Yin is about moisture, suggest ample water throughout the day. Simple hot water and fennel tea are great when you are cold or when you just had a meal.

Salty flavored foods: miso, sea salt, tamari, salted raw sauerkraut or kimchee (Korean cultured vegetables). Each of the five elements in TCM has a flavor attributed to it, and the Water flavor which governs Kidneys is salty. To support the Water element, recommend a healthy amount of salt, as too much salt will have the opposite effect. Check to make sure your client is not getting too much, and that she has replaced commercial table salt with sea salt.

Kidney shaped foods: black beans, kidney beans, most beans – Because beans are kidney shaped as well as seeds with potential for new life, these foods have long been considered especially nourishing to the Kidneys.

Blue and black foods: Blueberries, blackberries, mulberry, black beans – The colors blue and black correspond to the Water element of the Kidneys. It is possible to strengthen the Water element by eating blue/black foods.

Seafood: fish, shrimp, seaweeds – all support the Water element.

Seeds: flax, pumpkins, sunflower, black sesame – seeds relate to fertility and growth which is governed by Kidney energy.

Nuts: Walnuts, Chestnuts – Nuts are seeds. These nuts are particularly recommended for Kidney energy.

Animal Products: Pork, duck, lamb, eggs, cheese – Small amounts of animal protein can be used therapeutically here. Bob Flaws, L.Ac., author of The Tao of Healthy Eating says, “… animal foods are the most direct way to get the building blocks and constituents of this Yin essence.” Pork and duck are considered moistening. Since animal products are dense foods there are some cautions: If there is digestive impairment, the high fat content of duck may be too much. Lamb is the most warming of the meats, so if the person has a lot of hot flashes or night sweats, this may not be appropriate. Excess cheese may be too dampening for the Spleen. Too much meat, particularly without the balance of vegetables, will Stagnate the Liver and create heat. Look to the individual to decide on the ideal amount of animal products.

Bone-Marrow Broths & Soups: This will nourish Marrow governed by Kidneys. Especially beneficial for people wanting to prevent or heal osteoporosis.

Grains: Barley, Millet. These are both mildly cooling and nourishing to Yin.

Vegetables: Asparagus, Deep green leafy vegetables – Since it has diuretic properties, asparagus is especially helpful with opening the flow for those with dark, scanty urine. Deep green leafy vegetables build the Blood, and since Blood is a Yin fluid, they are highly recommended. Also moist vegetables such as cucumbers and celery are helpful.

Fruits and Melons: These are emphasized since they are moistening and mildly cooling. Too much fruit can be too cooling resulting in diarrhea, but 2-4 pieces of fruit a day should be fine.

Tonics: Spirulina, kelp, chlorella, wheatgrass – These mineral rich foods build the Blood which enhances Yin. They are also high in nucleic acids (RDA/DNA) which have been shown to reduce signs of aging.

Mineral rich herbs: Nettles, Oatstraw. Nettles is a gentle, cooling tonic that supports the Blood and Kidneys, while oatstraw strengthens the nerves.

Moistening herbs: Marshmallow, slippery elm, comfrey, aloe vera gel – these are all moistening demulcents with high mucilage content. Flax seed tea could be used here too.

Chinese Herbs: Rehmannia root – often found in the patent formula used for Kidney Yin Deficiency called “Six Flavor Tea Pills” or “

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