About Nicole

I believe that our struggle is our biggest gift on the way towards wholeness.


Hi, I’m Nicole. Body and Mind therapist at Tarakasha Holistic therapies. My initial journey took me into nursing but I soon branched out into Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, NLP & Hypnotherapy in search for a more selfempowered, integrative and holistic way of healing.

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Nicole is holding a Masters degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching and has 12+ years experience in body work and therapeutic massage. Over the past year she has increasingly focused her work on trauma release, supporting people through difficult life changes and help clients heal past trauma such as sexual abuse and the loss of a partner or parent. Her journey from Chronic Fatigue to full recovery allowed her to gain extensive knowledge in the field of Nutrition and stress-related disorders such as IBS, Food allergies, Chronic Fatigue (M.E.), Depression and Anxiety. She has a background of Chinese Medicine (Shiatsu) and as a registered nurse has worked with a diverse range of medical conditions. Beside her private practice she is offering her therapies to disadvantaged people on a volunteering base at the Community Foundation for Planetary Healing (Edinburgh).

Practitioner training

Reflexology at Edinburgh Open University (2001)

Shiatsu Diploma at The Shiatsu School Edinburgh (TSSE) (2001-04)

MRSS post-grad Shiatsu Qualification, Edinburgh (Shiatsu Society UK) (2005)

Hot Stone Fusion Therapy with ‘Jing Massage’, Brighton (2006)

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2009)

Diploma in Movement Shiatsu at SEED, School for Experimental Education, Bathgate (2009-10)

Advanced Clinical Massage – Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release ‘Jing Massage’ Brighton (2010)

Swedish Massage Diploma, Amethyst Holistic Training, Edinburgh (2013)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Way of Therapy, London (2013)

Diploma in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, Phil Parker Training Academy, London (2011-2012)

Masters level NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, Phil Parker Training Academy, London (2012-2013)

Somatic Embodiment FoundationTraining, Embodied Presence, Bristol ( 2013)

Registered nurse and Specialist Urology nurse, Edinburgh (2001-2010)


My Clinic name “Tarakasha” is a combination of the Sanscrit words:
Tara” –  in Buddhist tradition the Goddess of Compassion and  ”Akasha” – derived from “Kash” = to radiate, shine. It is also the space or silence where in-breath and out-breath merge and means “true heart”.