Hot Stone Massage

Relax, unwind and drift away with my soothing full body Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage concentrates on giving you a deep therapeutic massage as the warmth of the stones allows deeper treatment of muscles. The massage is firm but extremely relaxing, using comfortably hot stones and calming essential oils to work away all your knots. Be prepared for an amazing experience!

It will leave you feeling a different person…relaxed, renewed and calm. Hot Stone Massage promotes: pain relief, relaxation & Well being, strengthening the Immunsystem, increased circulation, detoxification and faster recovery from injury.

Hot Stone Massage is not recommended for people who suffer from High Blood Pressure and for Arthritis in its acute state. If you are keen to experience Hot Stone Massage and you are on blood pressure medication please talk to me. You may be able to enjoy the combination therapy Shiatsu & Hot Stone Massage.

Shiatsu & Hot Stone Fusion

A wonderful combination of my two favorite therapies, with the luxury of Hot Stones and the effective energy-healing aspects of Shiatsu (Chinese Medicine). Every treatment is tailored to your needs and wants, helping you to have an amazing experience and feel glowing for a long time after.

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