Cancellation policy:  Yes, I do have a 24 hours cancellation notice. Cancellations within 24 hours prior to your treatment will be charged at a full session price. I earn my living with my therapies and last minute cancellations make it usually impossible to fill the slot with another client. Therefore, please make sure that if you need to re-arrange an appointment, you give as much notice as possible.

Arrival: Please arrive on time, ca 5min before your treatment. Avoid arriving much earlier as I have no waiting area. Being late means you will receive a shorter treatment as a result.

Parking:There are parking slots at both ends of the road. Parking costs £1.20 per hour but is free after 5.30pm. If you are travelling by car, please give yourself extra time to find a parking spot. If your session is 60/90min long, please schedule in extra time and park your car for 90min/two hours so you can leave without rushing.

Facilities: Please note that at present I cannot offer shower facilities.

Massage clients: During oil-based massage the areas of your body that are not worked on will be draped to keep your modesty and my boundaries as therapist. Please note: I offer therapeutic massage only.

Shiatsu clients: Sessions are received fully clothed on a futon. Please bring or wear loose, comfortable clothes, ideally cotton based, and fresh socks to change into if your appointment is at the end of the day.

Before and After: For all therapies I suggest you drink a good amount of still water on the day of treatment, to aid the detoxing process. Please have only a light meal beforehand and plan enough quiet time for yourself for after the session. This will give your body the chance to integrate the full healing process and get most benefit from your treatment. I recommend to avoid alcohol on the day.

To book your appointment today and experience a unique and effective therapy session with Nicole in Edinburgh please call      Mob:  07891 365 140  or send an email to: tarakasha.therapies@gmail.com