Triggerpoint Massage

What is Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are tender spots which trigger pain and discomfort. We all experience these pesky little tender or sore spots at sometime or other but for a small number of people they are associated with a huge amount of persistent pain and discomfort. We most commonly feel them in our shoulders and backs but can actually experience trigger points or tender spots anywhere on the body.

Trigger Point Massage is a great way to relax specific tense muscles, and can give rapid relief from pain. I often combine this treatment with Shiatsu. Trigger points can effectively release whole muscle groups and this specific technique I particularly recommend for people with muscle spasms, and painful muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, head aches, migraines, or with issues such as twitching eye-lids.

DSC_0196Clinical experience has shown that trigger points can often be the cause of body pain. Symptoms that appear to be generated by a joint, an internal or external organ, an eye, ear, or tooth can in reality be an effect caused by trigger points in nearby muscles, or even a muscle some distance away. Here are a few examples: a toothache can be referred pain from a jaw muscle or a trigger point in a neck muscle can make an eyelid droop, twitch, or can cause a migraine.

Apart from treating these points and muscles, you will also be taught appropriate techniques or exercises to prevent recurring issues and help you to treat yourself at home.

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