NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life coaching

Every body is capable of healing… and our challenges can turn into our biggest gift when we overcome fears, traumas, beliefs, past events and other deep, unconscious patterns and programming which underlie symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, over-eating, gambling, depression and alcohol abuse.

Having recovered from 10 years of devastating ME / Chronic fatigue Syndrome, I was inspired to find out more about the influence of our unconscious minds on the bodies we live in.

In my solution focused one-to-one therapy sessions I am combining Hypnotherapy NLP, EFT & Life coaching, tailoring towards and tuning in to each client,  in all areas of stuckness, assisting you with the changes you look to make. Working with many areas including symptomatic, behavioural and emotional issues such as: anxiety, becoming a non-smoker…addictions… self esteem… phobias… unwanted behaviours…lack of energy/lethargy… appetite… performance boosting… exam nerves… public speaking… trauma etc.

Ever felt the only person holding you back is ‘You’? Never mind how hard you try your willpower is never enough? That’s because over 90% of your behaviour is driven by the unconscious mind. NLP/Hypnotherapy addresses these issues exactly there, in the unconscious mind, helping you to transform negative behaviour patterns into a positive solution.

Watch this amazing and inspiring video on how the mind can heal the body:


How did I come to study NLP/Hypnotherapy?
In 2011 I recovered from 10 years of Chronic Fatigue which (following a flu virus) eventually left me bed-ridden and house-bound for more than a year, with Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety.

Through a friend I came across an NLP workshop called “The Lightening Process” by Phil Parker (London). At that time I was unable to walk for longer than 20 minutes.

When I first heard of the possibility of recovering from Chronic Fatigue (M.E.) I could hardly believe it. My illness had become my life defining structure. I could not imagine being well again and with mixed feelings I met up with someone who had recovered just 3 months before, using NLP and Hypnotherapy. However, seeing her, I couldn’t help being inspired by her sparkling, radiant energy. As I listened to her story she started to infect me with her positive energy and after our meeting I began to apply some of the simple techniques she had described to me and pretty immediately I noticed some improvement in my symptoms.

So it was with high expectations that I booked onto a “Lightening Process” training program a couple of weeks later. What then followed were three magical days of learning how my body’s stress response (“fight & flight”) kept me from getting well and how to reprogram my brain, think positively and stop “doing” anxiety. And finally I was able to walk again, discovering a wonderful new sense of power, energy, freedom and joy! I still remember my first independent 45 Minute walk with heavy luggage. I was radiating! Someone said: “You look beautiful!” as I walked down the street smiling like the sun. It was short of a miracle to have my legs working again and to feel able to cope with life.

Learning these NLP tools (a combination of behavioral therapy, Visualization, Hypnotherapy and hands-on practical exercises) was the biggest gift I have ever received. Although it took my body another year to recover fully, I was on a steady journey towards a much more empowered, conscious and happier life. My own healing journey, with all the insights and experiences is the biggest inspiration for the work that I can offer my clients now.

Be the change and step closer to a life you love with NLP!

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